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Huge ‘Tornado’ on the Sun

31 Mar

Spectacular rotation of material from solar prominences and the coronal cavities on September 25, 2011. Credit: NASA/Dr. Xing Li, Dr. Huw Morgan and Mr. Drew Leonard.

The Solar Dynamics Observatory captured images and video of a spectacular rotation of material from the Sun in a solar prominence. The whirling, dancing prominence created a massive tornado-like feature on the Sun, five times bigger than the Earth. “This is perhaps the first time that such a huge solar tornado is filmed by an imager,” said Dr. Xing Li of Aberystwyth University, presenting his team’s work at the National Astronomy Meeting this week in the UK. “The superb spatial and temporal resolution of SDO allows us to observe the solar atmosphere in great detail.”
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Video: 20-Ton Cargo Freighter Arrives at Space Station

31 Mar

The heaviest cargo ship ever has arrived and docked to the International Space Station, laden with 7 tons of supplies for the 6-member ISS crew. The 20-ton European ATV-3 cargo ship, named “Edoardo Amaldi” after the Italian physicist and spaceflight pioneer, made a “smooth and gentle” docking on March 28, 2012, the European Space Agency said. The supplies delivered included food, drinking water, clothing, oxygen, spare parts and fuel.

The ATV launched from Kourou, French Guiana last Friday. It will use its engines to boost the space station during its 5-month stay on orbit. It is scheduled to undock on August 27 and perform an “orbital cremation” of trash from the space station.

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Apollo 11′s Rocket Engines Found on the Bottom of the Ocean

31 Mar

Apollo 11 Launch

Apollo 11 Launch founder Jeff Bezos has located the Apollo 11 F-1 rocket engines and plans to recover them. “I’m excited to report that, using state-of-the-art deep sea sonar, the team has found the Apollo 11 engines lying 14,000 feet below the surface, and we’re making plans to attempt to raise one or more of them from the ocean floor,” Bezos wrote on the Bezos Expeditions website. “We don’t know yet what condition these engines might be in – they hit the ocean at high velocity and have been in salt water for more than 40 years. On the other hand, they’re made of tough stuff, so we’ll see.”
Read the rest of Apollo 11′s Rocket Engines Found on the Bottom of the Ocean (238 words)

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Harrington Moving & Storage Pedals Toward a Greener Future

30 Mar

Leading moving enterprise, Harrington Moving & Storage, announces its most recent environment friendly changes.

In an effort to reduce its carbon footprint, Harrington Moving & Storage, starting today, will implement a widespread environment friendly program, entitled Green Wheels.

The Green Wheels program aims to disband the use of Harrington Moving & Storage’s gas guzzling trucks. Instead, for long distance moves, Harrington Moving & Storage will use their customers’ hybrid vehicles. For local moves, Harrington Moving & Storage will transport their customers’ belongings by bicycle with the help of an attached trolley.

“We are discontinuing the use of our trucks and instead we will only cater to hybrid vehicle owners,” said Jeff Harrington, owner of Harrington Moving. “In addition, we are the only moving company to transport belongings by bicycle.”

Harrington Moving & Storage will perform long distance moves using their customers’ hybrid vehicles, the company will only cater to customers who own such fuel efficient vehicles.

When customers request Harrington Moving & Storage services, they will be asked regarding their vehicle type. If they cannot obtain a hybrid car, then Harrington Moving & Storage will refrain from assisting them in their relocation task.

Harrington Moving & Storage has been preparing for the latest changes that go into effect today. Some of the company’s movers have never ridden a bicycle, therefore Harrington created a training course to teach safe cycling and proper handling of the belongings while pedaling on two wheels.

Harrington Moving & Storage’s latest announcement is just one of the many changes the company is undertaking in an effort to go green. Last month, Harrington Moving announced the use of the Green Packer, large packing crates that conserve on using traditional wasteful packing materials.

“Harrington Moving & Storage always tries to offer the best possible service, as of late we decided to expand our notion of good customer service to include our environment,” Harrington said.

About Harrington Moving & Storage
Harrington Moving & Storage has been a leader in the moving business since 1996. Harrington Moving offers high quality moving and storage services of all types. It is the only moving company in its region to initiate monthly charitable services. Its benevolent services have helped various organizations, schools, and even individual community members tremendously. Many non-profit organizations have reviewed Harrington as ‘irreplaceable assets to our community’ and ‘the moving company with the biggest heart’. Harrington Movers is concerned with reducing its carbon footprint, it recently has implemented various environment friendly changes.

Online Reputation Management Uses its Detective Skills to Uncover Shady Practice

30 Mar

European adult processing firm turns to Online Reputation Management after one of its American clients charges its innocent customers unwarranted fees.

A European adult processing firm recently turned to Online Reputation Management after receiving negative online press when one of its American clients, an adult film store, charged its customers groundless additional credit-card fees.

The adult processing firm, a leader in its field, serves both European and American clients, it specializes in setting up payment processing for adult businesses that need to accept credit card transactions.

Recently, the European firm’s manager, Wagner, discovered during a routine Google search that negative comments were written about her company in various blogs, review Web sites and complaint Web sites.

“I was really surprised to read the comments customers were writing,” said Wagner. “I honestly had no idea what everyone was speaking about, customers kept mentioning ‘unwarranted charges.’”

The unfavorable feedback caused a decline in business profits, resulting in Wagner deciding to change the company’s name and turn to Online Reputation Management.

Online Reputation Management repair specialists created a strategic approach to Wagner’s “complicated” situation.

“It isn’t easy when someone posts negative reviews that stem from no where, the negative reviews tend to multiply into hundreds of negative reviews that eventually lead to a loss of profits,” said Online Reputation Management founder, Ed Eshel. “The Internet is a wild animal, fortunately, we know how to tame it.”

Online Reputation Management used their detective skills to decipher Wagner’s situation. The repair specialists discovered that one of Wagner’s clients, an American adult film store, charged its customers with groundless additional credit-card fees. The adult film store’s customers received their monthly bills and saw the additional charges, so in response, those customers immediately blamed Wagner’s company and posted negative reviews.

“I was shocked and very angry,” Wagner said after learning of the situation. “My company is extremely honest, we charge reasonable varying rates and amounts pending on the service. In this case, the film store charged additional fees to profit on behalf of their customers.”
Since Wagner changed the name of her company, Online Reputation Management repair specialists stressed the importance of maintaining her clean reputation, the specialists designed Wagner’s business Web site and implemented a public relations stint to promote Wagner’s renamed adult processing firm.

In addition, the online repair specialists exposed the adult film store’s shady practice, which resulted in all its customers, who were overcharged, to receive a full refund.

“Online Reputation Management saved my company and exposed the truth,” Wagner said.

About Online Reputation Management
Online Reputation Management offers effective solutions for your Internet branding and reputation repair needs. The firm specializes in promoting your reputation in a positive and accurate light, and driving search engines away from negative reviews about you or your business. Online Reputation Management’s repair services surpass that of competitors, in repairing its customers existing reputations on the web, and thus creating positive ones. Online Reputation Management has been working with top companies, and recognized individuals, specifically in the United States, and have achieved tremendous successes in their Internet reputation repair and management services. Online Reputation Management works around the clock to deliver the best results, the firm continuously works to protect your reputation.

For additional information, interview, and image requests contact VirtuosOnline.

“Snowing Microbes” On Saturn’s Moon?

30 Mar

Cassini image of Enceladus from Dec. 2010 showing the moon's icy jets and the hazy E-ring (NASA/JPL/SSI)

Enceladus, Saturn’s 318-mile-wide moon that’s become famous for its ice-spraying southern jets, is on astronomers’ short list of places in our own solar system where extraterrestrial life could be hiding — and NASA’s Cassini spacecraft is in just the right place to try and sniff it out.

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Ashland science student athletes finish a successful season

30 Mar

It has been a very successful spring season for varsity athletes in the sciences at Ashland University.  In addition to the contributions that juniors Beth Mantkowski (Biology) and Daiva Gerbec (Biochemistry) have made to our woman’s basketball team’s record breaking season and appearance in the division II national title game, several other science students had impressive showings at national conference competitions.

Mary Cargill

Junior Cory Lamar (Biology) was part of the University’s 4X4 relay that finished 5th in the country at the national indoor track and field championships.  Senior Mary Cargill’s (EVS/Biology) 400 freestyle relay team finished 4th in the country at the swimming and diving championships.

And earning All-America honors, senior Jake Southwick (EVS/Biology) finished 3rd at the wrestling national championships in Pueblo, Colorado.  

Jake Southwick

How to make a book

30 Mar

A video instruction manual for making a hand-crafted book.

I hope someone makes the equivalent video for production of the Kindle…

More science scoops:

  • Water sculpture movie Water is wonderful stuff, to chemists and physicists its behavior is truly bizarre and anomalous, but add a little artististic merit and …
  • Nothing more to talk about One atheist’s response to incessant cajoling and demands for respect from Christian parents, relatives and friends worried for her immortal soul:

  • Growing mould These growing moulds seen in amazing close-up are wondrous. Aspergillus fumigatus botrytis mucor trichoderma cladosporium in all their glory.

    Weirdly, because of all …

  • Slinkies on a treadmill Most geeks either had or coveted a Slinkie as a child, some of us maybe still have one (I picked up a …
  • Seven Nation Army Lab Tech cover version Got lab? Got kit? Do it! White Stripes’ Seven Nation Army strung out and sampled from plucked, hammered and shocked laboratory apparatus

How to make a book is a post from: SciScoop Science News

Online Reputation Management Buries Skeletons From the Past

29 Mar

Online Reputation Management, an Internet reputation management and repair firm, succeeds in assisting college graduate reestablish his online name.

John R. recently turned to Online Reputation Management hoping the Internet reputation management and repair firm could bury his past skeletons and reestablish his online domain.

When the client was 17, he faced a case in court and was charged to pay a fine for a piece of doughnut he forgot to checkout. The 17-year-old was accused of eating a doughnut inside the store and left without paying for it. He was charged with shoplifting and agreed to pay a $200 fine, $10 in court costs and 79 cents to cover the cost of the doughnut. Today, John R., 24, is hoping to bury that information showing he was involved in the case.

“It was a really innocent mistake,” said John R. “Even though I was convicted of shoplifting, it was an accident. I turned to Online Reputation Management because five years have passed and that information still haunts me.”

John, recently graduated from the University of Cincinnati with a degree in electrical engineering. He plans to begin his job search in the near future, therefore he seeks to bury the distant trial information and start afresh.

“We see a lot of cases where young individuals are involved in various trials and that information resurfaces a few years later as a public record,” said Online Reputation Management Founder Ed Eshel. “Luckily, Online Reputation Management is an expert at burying such unfavorable information.”

John and Online Reputation Management repair specialists searched the client’s name on numerous search engines and found that the negative results surfaced on Google; they tailored their strategy to focus on burying the public records and news articles by replacing the unfavorable search engine results with informative, accurate information highlighting John’s positive traits, skills and college achievements.

“Online Reputation Management experts simply switched around the results in order to portray John as he really is, today,” Eshel said.

Within several weeks, Online Reputation Management succeeded in burying the afflictive results. On Google, John’s public records became nonexistent on the first two pages.

“Online Reputation Management succeeded in burying the silly incident, I am confident that I can continue living my life worries free,” John said.

About Online Reputation Management
Online Reputation Management offers powerful solutions for your Internet branding and reputation repair needs. Online Reputation repair and management services work to repair your damaged online reputation as well as manage your online name over time. Online Reputation repair and management services are needed for any individual or business looking to promote themselves in the cyber world. Online Reputation Management’s services are ongoing, and consist of varied, effective Internet marketing techniques successful in protecting and re-establishing their clients online presence.

For additional information, interview, and image requests contact VirtuosOnline.

Join in the Discussion of the Future of Human Spaceflight, Live from SEDS

29 Mar

What’s the latest on the future of human spaceflight and exploration? Join in on the discussion with a live videostream event from the Students for the Exploration and Development of Space (SEDS) Spring Space Forum, taking place this week at Purdue University on March 29, 2012, starting at 8:30 am EDT.

You’ll hear from the leaders in commercial space endeavors, such as former NASA space shuttle manager Mike Moses, currently VP of Operations at Virgin Galactic and former astronauts now working in commercial space, such as Chris Ferguson now at Boeing and Garrett Reisman from SpaceX.
Read the rest of Join in the Discussion of the Future of Human Spaceflight, Live from SEDS (90 words)

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